Tezfiles Premium: What to Expect With This Filehoster


Whether people need it or not, the current world situation drove people into being more dependent on online and digital transactions. Since physical contact is forcibly lessened, government agencies and other establishments are currently adopting digital file keeping. With this, the need for a reliable storage for soft copies of your documents also arise. You can use some old-fashioned flash drives or documents that are uploaded to messengers which is not safe because of some security issues. Flash drives may also be corrupted and you can say goodbye to your important files for good.

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If you wanna try a better alternative though then using a cloud storage service is pretty viable. Cloud storage services use servers to host files and documents for its users. Since the files are kept in a virtual storage up online, remote access is possible as long as you’re connected to the internet.

You may stumble a number of filehosting services online but only few may really be reliable enough for safe usage and accessibility. One rather common choice is the Tezfiles. Tezfiles comes with a free account but availing a premium account can give you a number of great benefits to utilize.

What is Tezfiles Premium?

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 Tezfiles Premium is the upgrade for the Tezfiles free account. By buying a Tezfiles Premium account for a cheap amount, you are eligible for notable upgrades to the service notably faster download speed and unlimited storage space. The free service is certainly decent enough for people who plan to use the service just a few times but if you want to fully utilize the cloud storage greatly, then a Tezfiles Premium account is quite suggested.

Tezfiles Premium Account Advantages

Tezfiles Premium has a load of benefits that you can gain with an inexpensive price. This feature not only has a significant upgrade to the service but also adds a few more that Tezfiles free account owners can enjoy.

  • Multiple Files Download

Free users are limited only to a single file per download. Not very reliable for those that need to quickly access documents that have multiple files attached to it. But Tezfiles Premium allows its users to access more than a single file at a time. This multiple file download capability together with its unlimited download speeds means that you can download your files as quickly as possible. Quite a time-saver and also does enable for quick management and access.

  • Unrestricted Download Speeds

Tezfiles free accounts are limited only to a certain amount of speed to reduce burden on the servers. Since free users have low priority, Tezfiles free users would have to make do with rather slow download speeds. Tezfiles Premium account owners are given unlimited download speeds to let them access their files in their cloud storage very quickly.

  • Free from Ads and Pop-ups

Since the website gets revenues from ads , Tezfiles free users have to endure these sudden pop-ups and links that redirect them to other websites. You can be liberated from this though by availing a Tezfiles Premium account. Premium account owners don’t have to deal with annoying ads

  • Resumable Downloads 

There might be some things that you suddenly need your attention for and for some reason you can leave your device hanging on its own. Pause your download and continue it later, as simple as that. But free users would have to cancel their download altogether which is kinda annoying but Tezfiles Premium owners have the freedom to do so.

  • Higher File Size Limit

For free users, the maximum file size is just about 1GB. Not too shabby but some files need more than this amount especially if you want to download high quality movies or large softwares. Fortunately, Tezfiles Premium has a max file size limit of 10GB per download. With this allocation, you can download almost anything that you want from your storage or even from the Tezfiles library.

  • Built-in Antivirus

The website itself has its own antivirus that detects if any files that you want to upload have malware in it, thus ensuring safety for your other files in the storage.

  • Third-Party Software Support

There might be a need for added speed to your download or upload. Using accelerators and uploaders is the best option for this Tezfiles Premium account owners are allowed to use other software that are not affiliated with Tezfiles to aid their download or uploads. Free users have to make do with the basic software of the website which Is pretty decent but an extra boost is always better.

  • Files Security

One reason for using a filehosting service is to ensure the safety of your files. Tezfiles Premium don’t let any other users access your files without your permission and since files are shared by links, account information are not really needed to be disclosed for access to files.

Stream Movies Thru Tezfiles

Tezfiles not only offers cloud storage services but also lets its users access a vast library of high quality movies and other videos online. Through a Tezfiles Premium, streaming speeds are greatly boosted and so is the quality of the videos. You can also download some of these movies and save them in your storage.

Tezfiles Premium File Sharing Feature

Not unlike other filehosting services, Tezfiles allows its users to share their files to basically anyone that they give access to. Tezfiles uses links (URL) to easily share files to other users. Students and teachers can use this feature to share any needed school works. You can also use this link sharing capability for quick sharing of documents throughout a workplace. There are other uses to this innovation that you can think of like sharing movies or other media.

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How Much Does Tezfiles Premium Costs?

Tezfiles Premium is pretty cheap, even cheaper than other equally reliable filehosting services. Currently, Tezfiles Premium only has 4 packages, the cheapest priced only $10.83 per month. It also comes with 20GB worth of file downloads per day. This also comes with an automatic virus detection to further enhance the safety protocols of the website.

Tezfiles packages

Tezfiles Premium Refund System

It is true that even Tezfiles may not offer absolute satisfaction to their customers and some minor issues may pop-out from time to time but the good things about this Premium service is that Tezfiles offers a refund system that allows their users to claim their payment back as long as its within 7 days since purchase of Tezfiles Premium. If for some reason you are not happy with your usage of the filehosting service, you can easily contact them through their Customer Service and you can have your money back.

Tezfiles Premium: Our Say

The need for an accessible and easy-to-use remote storage has been increasing for people day by day. It may also be true for you as currently, almost anything can be uploaded to the internet. Tezfiles Premium has a number of features that can enhance your usage of such services. If you compute the average cost, Tezfiles Premium only costs barely a dollar a day, a low price to pay for usage of such services. Even if you really don’t have the need for heavy usage for a cloud storage, maybe the streaming service that comes with the package is reasonable enough to avail a Tezfiles Premium account. If you’re still having second thoughts then do remember that they offer a Refund for any user that wants to cancel their subscription, this is basically a week of free trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the streaming service available also for free users?

Yes the streaming service is also available for free users but a Tezfiles Premium account has faster streaming speed and also has unlimited video previews. Premium accounts also have higher quality for movies when compared to free users.

Are my files safe on the server?

No one but the account owner can access their files from the server. Currently, the server has a few security measures to prevent unauthorized access to user files. Even file sharing is safe as every link generated is encrypted by the website.

Is there a mobile app for Tezfiles?

There are no mobile apps for Tezfiles but as long as you have a browser and decent internet connection, you can access your cloud anytime you want. It is also compatible with any OS, whether it be Android, Windows or IOS, the system pretty much works on any device and also has a simple interface for ease-of-use.

What files can I upload or download from the server?

Almost anything, as long it does not violate any policy or DMCA guidelines, then you’re free to access them. Also, videos and other media that are available in their library are all checked and have permission from their respective owners. You can also share any of your original content to the community.

What is the daily download limit for free users?

1GB is the daily limit for free users, and the speed is also limited to 150/kbps so if you need more speed and allocation, a premium account is highly advised.

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